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Automatic rubber compression molding machine
 Clamping Mold Unit
1. Every station is with two-side operation; two sets of molds can be adopted on each station to increase productivity .Machine size is compact and utility rate of factory space is higher.
2. By using heat kerosene heating the mold station heating plate, heat kerosene supplies heat source to upper/lower mold, identically mold temperature, save energy.
3. Every station is with special insulation design to prevent heat loss, save energy, and comforts working environment.
4. Hydraulic system control at each station is separate. Every station can be operated individually to avoid idle waste. Production is more consistent and efficient.
5. Control of mold sliding device is separate, so the operation at the other side is not interfered and production is smooth.
6. According to the mold size it can freely setting pre-mold, vulcanization and bumping time, high flexible production.
Operation Design
1. One operator can handle multi stations to save labor cost.
2. Auto sliding devices at moving mold plates make operation easy; even female workers can operate the machine.
3. Auto inter-lock protection system for two-side simultaneous working assures safety of operation.
4. Mold change is simple and fast just by fixing bottom mold plate at sliding seat.
5. Every station is with independent operating control. Each station can be switched on/of according to production or maintenance schedules, in the meantime, to save power consumption.
6. Traditional hot-compressed rubber molds can be utilized on the machine.
Sliding Device
1. Auto sliding and inside turning at mold plates after mold opening ensures easy collection of product as well as saving manpower and eliminating labor injures.
Electronic Control Unit
1. During operation, the supervisory control works continuously and assures proper functioning of "Diagnostic and Maintenance" procedure.
2. Memory of work files is provided. All parameter for each set of mold can be saved in work files to keep high efficiency on production.


Number of stations
Clamping force
Mould-holder dimensions
380 * 450
Mould height
40 ~ 150
Open mould range
Machine dimension(LxWxH)
7.7* 3.1 * 1.9
Note:Above data only for reference.


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