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Automatic PU Casting Machine
Casting Unit
1. Quick-lock device is equipped for rapid screw changing.
2. Detachment sensor of mixing chamber is equipped to prevent the spindle from rotating when the mixing chamber is detached.
3. Delivery channels of Iso and Poly are equipped with synchronized device of double needle valve for flowing or cut-off at the same time to ensure the accurate mixing ratio.
Mold Carrier Unit
1. Clamping force at each station is 50 kN to provide the safe clamping.
2. Fast adjustment device of mold thickness compensation ensures the clamping force to fully acts on the mold by easily turning the handle after the mold is fixed. There is no need to use the extra pad to compensate the mold thickness.
3. Fast locating device is able to complete the mold fixing operation quickly.
4. Lower platens are heated by electricity and under temperature control.
5. The mold angle can be adjusted by the angle adjustment device to change the inclining or declining angle.
6. Swaying cylinder as an option device can be equipped to sway the mold after casting to get the uniform appearance of the molded part.
Tank Unit
1. Servo motor together with pressure sensor can achieve accurate and precision metering control by the matching between the constant pressure and rotation speed.
2. Stirrers in tanks can avoid the deposition phenomenon.
3. Pressure relief valve can facilitate the pressure relieving operation before cover opening.
4. Air dryer can keep the tank inside dry.
5. Tanks are heated and temperature controlled by double-boiling with water.
Control Unit
1. The time vs. weight conversion program is built in the human-machine interface for the operator to establish their relationship and key in the weight directly for the production input.
2. PID is used for the precision temperature control.


Item Unit Specification
screw diameter mm 32
screw rotation speed range rpm 9000(MAX)
no. of mixing component comp. 2
tank volume lt. 250
Number of moulds   1 STATION/1 MOLD
Number of stations  station 60
Clamping force KN 50
Machine dimension (LxWxH) m
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