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Rotary type Rubber injection molding machine

1.          One mold one pair, easy for production arrangement

2.          Power saving design

3.          Quick change mold system

4.          Mold open/close vertically

5.          Vulcanization time setting independently

6.          Alignment of injection nozzle precisely

7.          Traditional compression mold can be used by slight modification

8.          Acceptances by big brand

Item Unit 861-12S
Maximum injection volume cm3 700
Maximum Injection pressure kg/cm2 1250
Screw diameter mm 60
Material size(TxW) mm 8x50
Clamping force Tons 145
Clamping stroke mm 135
Standard heating platens mm 420*450
Daylight  mm 200
Maximum mould opening stroke mm 150
Minimum mould height mm 55
Heating type   Heater
Heating plate kW 97.9
Total Electric Consumption kW 182.65
Mechanical dimension(L×W×H) M 7.6*6*3.5
Weight(Approximate) Tons 27


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