We strive to promote sustainable development in the footwear industry by offering brand customers differentiated solutions through our cutting-edge shoemaking machinery.

Focus on the development of automated, energy-efficient

As a research and development technology manufacturer, we focus on the development of automated, energy-efficient, and environmentally-friendly models. This further enhances customer benefits and achieves high-efficiency production capacity. With “Reliability, Persistence, and Innovation (RPI)” as the core values for sustainable development, we have developed our corporate sustainability policy, integrating corporate social responsibility with business strategy to create sustainable value for the economy, society, and the environment. We accompany renowned customers towards a sustainable and successful future.

The Trajectory of Technological Innovation

Sustainable Development Commitment

Environmental protection is our top priority. We are committed to reducing our consumption of natural resources and minimizing our environmental impact. To achieve this, we have implemented various measures, such as improving our production processes to reduce waste and pollutants…

Social responsibility is also one of our core values. We value community engagement and contribution, and give back to society in various ways. Each year, we actively participate in tree planting festivals and other environmental activities to contribute to environmental protection. Furthermore…

We collaborate with NGOs and stakeholders to achieve environmental protection and social progress. We continuously strive to enhance our environmental performance and offer sustainable products and services. Together with customers and suppliers, we work towards a sustainable future.

Committed to the RE100 target

our company HQ features cutting-edge solar panels to amplify renewable energy adoption. Through AI-driven energy-efficient cooling and intelligent meter tracking, we curtail consumption and emissions. Join us in crafting a more sustainable future!