Global Giant in Shoe Machinery Invests Billions to Create First Zero Carbon Emission Molding Machine



In the realm of athletic footwear materials, a majority are crafted using chemical foaming agents. Unfortunately, this manufacturing process generates copious amounts of waste gases and greenhouse emissions. Compounded with the inability to effectively recycle materials infused with chemical additives, the footwear industry has often been labeled as a significant contributor to environmental pollution.


However, in Taiwan, the global leader in footwear machinery, a pioneering effort spanning five years and a staggering investment of a hundred million USD has given rise to a groundbreaking innovation – the world’s first ‘Zero Carbon Emission Supercritical Injection Molding Machine.



This revolutionary technology not only drastically reduces production timelines but also ensures a 100% recycling rate, thereby mitigating carbon footprints by an impressive 60%. Introduced to the market in 2022, this innovation has captured global attention, securing partnerships not only in Europe and footwear manufacturing powerhouse Vietnam but also intriguing dozens of prominent sportswear brands. The landscape of sustainable footwear production is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by this remarkable achievement.