We are an enthusiastic and coherence team

At Tienkang, we have a culture that's positive, passionate, and enthusiastic about sports. This culture is fostered by our tradition of New Year's hikes and diverse range of sports clubs, which encourages sportsmanship and team spirit. We prioritize the well-being and career development of our team by offering a diverse and comprehensive learning system, and cultivating a happy working atmosphere. Our friendly and reliable team is dedicated to leading our clients to stay ahead in the markets.

Making an Impactful Environment

At TianGang, we believe that every individual’s work can have a positive impact on the environment. Any ideas from our colleagues have the opportunity to be applied to our products and sold worldwide. Our team is creative, and we believe that through collaboration and inspiration, we can unleash more possibilities. Whether you are involved in developing new technologies, designing innovative products, or driving sustainable development, your work will be part of driving positive change. Let’s work together and strive to create a better future.

Value for Learning and Growth

We firmly believe that talent is TianGang’s most valuable resource, which is why we place great importance on talent development and strive to provide a conducive learning and growth environment for our employees. We offer training programs and professional development opportunities to help our team members achieve their career goals. Through talent development initiatives and mentorship from experienced colleagues, individuals have the opportunity to accumulate diverse market experiences and knowledge, empowering them to fulfill their personal aspirations.

We are committed to nurturing and empowering our employees, recognizing that their continuous learning and growth contribute to the success of our organization. Together, we foster a culture of excellence and provide the support and resources needed for individuals to thrive and reach their full potential.

Healthy Workplace

We have dedicated workplace health service nurses who provide health consultations, emergency assistance, and routine health check-ups for our employees. Additionally, we offer a modern gym and a comprehensive sports facility that employees can use free of charge. We have established various sports clubs such as badminton and yoga clubs, and even provide subsidies for club activities, allowing every sports enthusiast among our colleagues to participate.

We prioritize the well-being of our employees and believe that a healthy workplace contributes to their overall satisfaction and productivity. By offering comprehensive health services and promoting a culture of physical activity, we create an environment that supports the physical and mental well-being of our team.

Awarded Sports Enterprise Certification

TienKang is honored to have received the “Sports Enterprise Certification” organized by the Ministry of Education, recognizing our efforts in providing our employees with a high-quality sports environment and a happy workplace. We are committed to creating a comfortable and healthy working environment for our colleagues, and having a conducive sports environment is an important aspect of our welfare initiatives. We are grateful for the certification from the Ministry of Education, and we will continue our dedication to promoting the health and happiness of our employees.

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