Rotary Vamp And Strap Injection Molding Machine

S1-3680C-2C SERIES

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Features Introduction
Special Feature

S1-3680C-2C Rotary One/Two Color Plastic Shoe Direct Injection Molding Machine is could be equipped
with air blowing system and can produce light weight, particularly the need for reinforced cooling effect.
Applicable material : Foaming, compact, transparent, air-blow thermo pastic materials such as PVC,TPR
1. Computerization in analysis and design, the machine is well in stability.
2. Conformed to human engineering in design, it features operational compatibility.
3. The well-interconnected oil circuit by electric control can reduce waiting time, quicken production rate,
and promote productivity.
4. The reversible turntable in case of emergency will eliminate abnormality and upkeep safety operations.
5. Number of various stations may be optionally chosen for small quantity but greater in variety, or mass
6. The devised C-shaped structure that strengthens cooling system suits particularly the need for
reinforced cooling effect
7. Two-color machine series are also equipped with Cental cooling distribution device and air-blow device
(air blow device at main injector is a standard : the one at sudb-injector is an option.)
8. Two injection allow various combinations of production modes, it can put all molds for two-color shoes,
all molds for one-color,mixed molds for two-color and one color shoes or all molds for one-color shoes or
allmolds for one-color shoes but with different colors.

Finished Product
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