Two color Boots machine


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Features Introduction
Special Feature

1.The injection units have a high screw profile and precise thermal control, ensuring efficient plasticization per hour. Feeding and injection volume are regulated by a high-level potentiometer. Temperature control employs advanced P.I.D. system, adapting heating curves for stability, avoiding overheating, and optimizing plasticization. The injector’s movement aids maintenance and cleaning while maintaining injection precision.

2.Advanced P.I.D. system ensures accurate and stable temperature by adapting heating curves for precise plasticization.

3.The injector’s extended movement simplifies material cleaning and maintenance.

4.”Volumetric” and “micro switch” systems enable thorough mold filling, particularly in boot tops.

5.Injection pressure and speed are adjustable for various designs, ensuring optimal injection quality per mold.

6.Each mold-holder includes cooling/heating, air supply, and filling control systems.

7.The outsole plate has a cooling system for improved cycle times, especially with thicker outsoles.

8.C-type structure maintains separate central circulation for electric, air, hydraulic, and water systems, without disassembling the clamping press.

9.The machine features individual electric and user-friendly touch screen interfaces for easy setup and operation.

Finished Product
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