Our Forward-Thinking R&D Team

Tienkang’s success in the global market can be attributed to our forward-thinking mindset, solid R&D capability, and years of experience in composite material molding expertise.

We offer a one-stop service, which includes mechanism integration, electrical circuitry, programming, and innovative patented designs. With our expertise, we can quickly and effectively assist you in co-development and build dedicated machines together.

Strong R&D Capabilities

Tien Kang’s innovative thinking and strong research and development capabilities, along with our extensive experience in composite materials application, are the key factors that help us establish a strong foothold in the global market. With our one-stop service, we provide institution integration, electrical circuitry, programming, and innovative patented design applications, enabling us to quickly and effectively assist brand customers in developing specialized machinery.

Since 1984, we have filed 205 patent technology applications, averaging 38 patents per year. Our expertise in material analysis allows us to efficiently complete projects and minimize the learning curve associated with introducing new materials.

TK IoT Data Platform Solution

Tien Kang Precision Machinery, in collaboration with Advantech, offers a comprehensive IoT data platform solution. With real-time data collection, remote monitoring, and AI-powered analytics, our solution enhances equipment efficiency, reduces maintenance costs, and improves customer service. Through 5G connectivity or local networks, data can be stored locally or on cloud platforms like Azure IoT and AWS IoT. Our solution also includes an AI warning system for equipment diagnostics and a digital assistant for instant customer support. With simulation and optimization capabilities, our digital twin technology helps optimize production processes and identify potential risks.

Intelligent Factory 4.0 - Intelligent Plant

  • Implementing AS/RS system for efficient shipping.
  • Standardizing warehouse operations with a management system for improved efficiency and material traceability.
  • Temperature-controlled environments ensure precise and stable assembly.
  • Leveraging IoT sensors, interconnected supply chains, and data analysis to optimize production processes and enhance productivity and quality.

Extended Reality services

Efficient Mixed Reality Creative Solutions

Providing timely and location-specific information to enhance productivity and safety.

By breaking through environmental constraints, synchronizing machine testing, and addressing machine issues in real-time, as well as providing easy-to-follow repair sequences, all relevant information is available to assist in problem-solving and ensure equipment operates in the most efficient manner, minimizing downtime and preventing failures.

Supporting remote online maintenance and online machine testing.