K2: The first shoes with SCF Injection Midsole powered by GENTREX and YUSUNG Vina

Physical Foaming midsoles by SCF Physical foaming

K2 Shoes is redefining footwear with a focus on unparalleled comfort and eco-conscious innovation. Their secret weapon? A revolutionary SCF Injection technology for their midsoles, that delivers a cloud-like walking experience while minimizing environmental impact.

Sustainable Performance You Can Feel Good About

K2 Shoes are passionate about creating a positive environmental impact alongside their commitment to comfort. Their unique SCF Injection midsole technology boasts impressive sustainability features:

  • Lightweight: The innovative process significantly reduces shoe weight without compromising on durability.
  • Enhanced Cushioning: The midsole absorbs impact and provides exceptional cushion.
  • Improved Resilience: Experience a springy step with every stride
  • Sustainable Materials: The production process is 100% recyclable and can utilize recycled materials, allowing you to enjoy a minimized environmental footprint.

Experience the K2 Difference

K2 Shoes are the perfect example of innovation that prioritizes both comfort and sustainability. They’re the perfect choice for anyone who demands exceptional performance while making a positive impact on the planet.

Find Your Perfect Pair

Explore the latest K2 shoe collection featuring this revolutionary midsole technology at the K2 website: LINK

For more information about GENTREX SCF Injection technology, please check the following link: LINK