Automatic Rotary Plastic Upper Injection Molding Machine

S1-3670C-2C/3C SERIES

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1. 3670U series is specialized in the manufacture of various kinds of one-color, two-color, three-color
vamps, V straps, inserts…etc.
2. The well-interconnected oil circuit by electric control can reduce waiting time, quicken production rate,
and promote productivity.
3. Number of various stations may be optionally chosen for small quantity but greater in variety, or mass
4. The devised C-shaped structure that strengthens cooling system suits particularly the need for
reinforced cooling effect
5. The multi-station mechanism is suitable for numerous molds to work in production line. It saves the
time for the mold-change and extends the length of cooling time. The working efficiency is highly
6. Specially designed, the oil pressure circuit board is simple in structure. The function description of various switches is clearly indicated.